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As a retired Army veteran it’s not easy to ask for help. But I have created and dedicated this for my community so I can have the opportunity to give back to my community and my country.

Here is our Mission Statement: “It ain’t about us” It’s about P3…People, Product, and Process. Our business is based on Christian principles. We believe it’s better to make $10 from 100 people then $100 from 10 people. We understand we own nothing, we are only stewards and what we have today can be gone tomorrow. We understand without your support we are 100% guaranteed to fail.


All Weather Conditions

Supercharged Batteries

Reliable Engineering

Supports Sustainable Practices

Great Customer Services





"Great customer service! Very willing to help you and your biking needs with expert knowledge and care. Very fast and affordable. Customer for life, highly recommend!"
Brandon Burleson
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"Professional, caring and lead by a role model citizen. The Baby Boomer team provides great products and respectful customer service."
Edwin Maldonado
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"Great experience!! Excellent job!! I got a new road bike from here and I love how it rides!! I Highly recommend this company for both E Bikes and non E Bikes."
Kyle Barrett
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