About the Magnum UI5

The Magnum Ui5 is a beautifully designed, purpose built, affordable electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting. Step-thru frame is easy to mount but relatively stiff thanks to a double tube mid-section, integrated battery pack keeps weight low and centered – it seems well protected in case of tips and is easy to remove.

Solid one year warranty, quality Samsung battery cells, longstanding international presence with good performance (this is a fifth generation build even though it’s new to the US).

About the Magnum Classic

The Magnum Classic is a cheap but fairly nice folding electric bike. It’s a feature-packed folder with lots of accessories and multiple color options, great price point and warranty, available through dealers or the Magnum online store. 

At nearly 53 lbs it’s heavy for a folding ebike, independent lights are more of a hassle and can be left on accidentally then run out, key must be left in to ride, battery is heavy and not hidden.

About the Magnum Metro

The Magnum Metro is an approachable, mid-step, high-speed, urban electric bike with six levels of pedal assist plus throttle mode that can override with full power. Fairly comfortable with larger tires, a basic suspension fork, and cheap seat post shock… the ergonomic grips, gel saddle, and adjustable stem also help. 

A bit heavier at ~58.4 lbs due to the high-capacity batteries, alloy fenders, and rack, the kickstand gets in the way at times, no bottle cage bosses, fixed display

About the Magnum Peak 29

The Magnum Peak 29 is a powerful, relatively affordable, hardtail cross country style electric bike that’s capable of 28 mph pedal assist and 20 mph trigger throttle operation, offers 24 gears vs. 10 or 11 on most competing products.  High-capacity 48 volt battery helps to extend range or simply match the range of other bikes while allowing you to ride faster, the battery has a USB port for charging accessories.